Getting things done

I'm working on my church's newsletter and mostly have to plug in things tomorrow after stuff is approved, etc. But I'm glad I touched base with people and don't feel out of the loop or chaotic because of last minute stuff. It feels like I tilled the soil and am waiting for stuff to arrive to plant. haha ha. I guess I'm in a Spring sort of mood. With all the cleaning I did yesterday, I guess you can say, I've started early spring plans.

I had some good news about my husbands co-worker...she's in a similar situation with her Dad has improved by leaps and bounds mostly because he's taking his meds and getting fed (feeding tube). Maybe I'm generalizing here, but why does it seem that men are so stubborn to the point of neurotic about their health and not getting help? Why? Is it a macho thing? That's so sad. It does not mean a person is weak by going to the means they care for themselves and those around them, actually. It reminds me all too much of my bird that died. Why? Because he hid his illness and when I did try to help him, he was too weak and died. It's so sort of strange survival strategy or something to not get pecked out of the flock, I guess. But people aren't like this, obviously! Sigh...

I feel like, my sister/brothers, Mom and I, all made the right choice and Dad is doing better each day. :) It's a good feeling to know this.


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