day by day

It's been tough the last few weeks. I honestly thought we were going to not have my Dad around any more and there is still a lot of worry/stress. But some good things...his internal bleeding has stopped, he's responding well to the kidney meds and he did very good in the feeding tube surgery. So, little by little. It's hopeful and once we can get the other issues worked on (cancer treatment), I'll feel more like 60% positive. The doctors were actually very impressed with my Dad's response to the kidney meds and this made all of us feel a lot better. They even said, these kidneys are serve him very well. I was shocked.

My Mom is suffering from a bad cold and I know it's stress related. I started worrying I sent my germs when I mailed presents...but I don't think that can mailed, can it? Either way, maybe I should lysol stuff before mailing...

And now, Jon has got a cold too. Poor guy. I think we're all stressed out lately.

I feel sort of in shock about my Dad, honestly. If he can at least get to the point where he is mostly eating on his own, and 50% on the medication through the feeding tube, we'll be happy. Thanks to God and all who have prayed/positive thoughts. I truly believe it's working.

I feel exhausted mentally and a little physically (did some major house cleaning). I'm so, so glad to be able to do things (remembering how awful I was about a month-2months ago). I've been working on some new collage pieces...larger (24 by 32 inches) for a contest. I submitted 1 so far and I have a chance to submit 2 more. I don't want to show them until after the contest is over. Hopefully, everything will go through. We shall see. It's with the local radio station, WPSU.

I made a huge mess all over the dining room doing the collages but, it was a lot of fun. Something I needed to do. And now, gotta clean up! lol

We've been watching this show called "Big Foot". Yeah, we're silly and I know there most likely isn't a Big Foot but it's all part of the fun. Plus, I've loved the idea of a gentle wood giant...protecting the forests or at least being one with nature. Fun stuff. The kids think it's great and keep asking questions and wondering...what if?

Oh, and the kids are also into Voo Doo dolls. Don't ask me why. I think they like the yarn feel or the creepy but cute thing. Anyway, we're trying to make some of our own. Plus, I still need to paint about 50 pet rocks and list on Etsy. :) I think I'll do that tomorrow or once I get the dining room cleaned up.

I don't know if it's my mood, more sunlight, or just a sense of peace but it seems like there are more angels in the world lately...or more people smiling. Which is really letting your soul shine. I'm glad to see that and I hope I reflect a little of this too.

Tomorrow, is Shrove Tuesday...pancakes at church. Ash Wednesday and our church will be hosting a Fish Fry too. Lydia's having her first String Bass concert as well. This is a CRAZY packed week. Plus, I have to get the newsletter for church finished up! ack!!

SO MUCH TO DO. But it's all good. Again, the motto, inch by inch is a cinch is popping into my head.

I still can't believe things are starting to calm down for my Dad. I don't want to jinx it or anything, I guess. Blessings and time are making a difference...beautiful.

Well, I better get some stuff picked up. Basketball has ended on a high note. The gals made it to the finals and today they almost made it to the next round in overtime at their last game. That's a good end to a great season. :) I'm a proud mama (but a relieved one too...I get my weekend evenings back!!).


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