breathing underwater

That's how I feel...sort of panicky and anxious. I'm hoping my Dad's swelling is temporary and he'll be treated quickly and not be in pain (which he is in). My Mom was too tired to talk...exhausted and tired. Yet, she is optimistic and hopes for the best. It was reassuring.

Jon looked up the symptoms and people have been suggestion reasons...seems related to his kidneys. So, hopefully, it's a medicine thing.

I wish I hadn't watched that program on TV about the 600 plus people. It's too visually graphic and makes me think of all the complications that happen to people, in general, in the hospital or life. I can see why people throw away their TV's or want to live on a farm or walk in the woods. There is a lot one can worry about.

Maybe it was the coffee and not worry that made me upset last night. I did eat a few goldfish crackers and had sherbet for dessert. I don't know. It was very annoying and I have this acid feeling from whatever it was.

I wish it was warm and I could start marking out my garden. Actually, it was sort of warm yesterday and we were outside a lot. The kids got so muddy...annoying.

Praying for my Dad and Mom. Praying all who are ill will find healing and be with little or no pain.

Have a good day.


Buddha's Ghost said…
It's never a good thing when loved ones are suffering. So much stress, so much anguish. I empathize for you and your family. Anytime I feel like I can't possibly handle life's burdens any longer, I remember what my mother would tell me when I was a child- "God won't give you any more than you can handle, no matter how bad it may feel".

I will pray for your father.


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