43 degrees

It's warming up and yes, it's still winter and yes, we're supposed to get cold again. Right now, I'm uplifted by the sun, that my Dad recognized my Mom for the first time in several months and held her hand. I'm composing a poem about this. When I'm done, I'll share it here.

Small things are happening...I found out a mistake on my part, was not the end of the world and I've let my sad feelings go. Some very kind people talked to me about it and got all the bugs out and I feel a lot lighter and not so smacked in the face. I felt so much like the character, Emily of New Moon, when she gets so happy about poem and rushes to the teacher to tell her to repeat a favorite line. And the teacher slaps her for not doing her math and listening to the older students lesson. Just a bad and disappointed feeling. But that is water under the bridge and I can move on now. sigh~

Also, got to talk to my sister for almost an hour. It was very nice and calm. We must be feeling good about the little progresses Dad is making. Such a relief to talk about normal, silly things like hair dye or how we love our annoying children. lol She gave some great advice about kids earning points a bean (or M and M) jar. I told the kids and they are excited about it. :)

Jon is home sick and I have extra chores but at least I don't feel sick. Just a stuffy nose. I thought it was my allergies but Harrison and Lydia both have runny noses. Oh, well.

I feel so much better about stuff. I wish I had talked about it before and not held it in for so long (like nearly 7 months). Yet again, another communication realization for me.

Well, I need to clean up the house some more...so, I can make it messy with art stuff again. Isn't that brilliant? Plus, I need to be a good example to my little tadpoles or we will have issues of pack rat attitudes in the future.


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