today is better

I feel whiny and annoyed but NO HEADACHE! :) I feel like I wasted so many hours not feeling good yesterday, but what can you do w/ a headache/earache combo? Today is much, much better. :)

I hope this coming week is calm and stable for everyone. I think all this snow is being stuck inside from the cold, is making nerves short and cabin fever flair. Part of life, I guess.

Annoyingly, we didn't make it to the art reception. I knew I wasn't going to be 100% to do anything. Plus, having a kid vomit from her loft bed...not pretty or easy to clean. bleh~~

Good news: My Dad is moved to a rehabilitation center for 3 weeks. Praying he responds well to the therapies and he gets into a good spirit. He is not one to smile willingly (unless to make fun of people, etc). Now, it's part of his daily exercise...just to smile. Ironic...

Anywho, have a great rest of the weekend.


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