Sweet Saturday Salutations

It's been a mild day for a mild Saturday. I had all these expectations, and ended up doing not much of anything. I did do some sewing, found a basic pattern on the Internet to make some stuffies. :) It's for my kids and their friend...a late Christmas gift. Oddly, each one is going to be a little different and I'm using a pattern. I couldn't figure how to connect the legs to the body but at least they are attached. lol

I was feeling sort of up and all right...but I'm a little sad/deflated that there are some people out there that think I would do something spiteful. It just made me feel sort of like crying, really. And I don't cry often, let me just say. I guess I should think of it as people viewing me like "Amelie" but I don't. it just makes me feel sad and hurt.

Maybe it feels worse because it's January and sort of a boring time of the year. Either way, I'll just ignore it and try to not let it bug me. It does paint people in a whole different light, I have to say.

Anyway, it's 9pm. The kids are settling down for their bedtime and Jon is tucking them in. I need to do a few chores. I feel sort of annoyed too as my foot hurts (I think there might be a splinter in there). I did some short story reading tonight and feel sort of emotionally drained from all of that. Joyce Carol Oates really can punch you in the face with tension. I need to read something light and humorous, I think.


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