Still praying...

and waiting. It's all a waiting game, it seems. Why does life seem to be just about this? Waiting, waiting, waiting? It's enough to drive you mad. I didn't go for a walk and it shows. I'm stressing out.

Plus, I'm annoyed at my brother. Instead of going to the hospital w/ my mom, he drops her off and goes home to bed. He had absolutely no concern about what's happening w/ our dad, to see if he could help my mom or even just regular curiosity. He could have parked, found out what happened and come home to bed. What the heck?? He didn't even let our mom borrow his cell phone so she could call him back. I don't get this behavior.

My other brother would have stayed the whole time and bent over backwards to help. Sometimes, I just don't get why some people are so apathetic about things. And this is the older of my two brothers that is being self absorbed.

************DEEP Breath*************

So, I'm waitig here, wondering if my mom is OK, if dad is stable, if things are progressing in a good direction, etc, etc. The only good thing is I did make chili, baked a bunch of potatoes, took a 20 min nap and did chores. I did break the outside light by trying to find out where the heck were the batteries and only found wires. Let me just say standing on a kitchen stool in 35 degrees w/ a toddler running around and two dogs is NOT fun. Also, I dropped the screw driver twice and was grateful for a curious 3 yr old who understands to hand back tools.

I didn't do any art today. Soup is an art, don't you think? I'm enjoying doing collaged type work lately. I did some abstract paintings and I like them and all but they sort of looked plain to me...and probably would look good in a high end hotel. However, I needed bigger canvas and thought what the heck. I'm changing them. My theme or series is about childhood and memories of childhood. The first one I entered at a local exhibit in Bedford. It's called Rainy Day. I took a pic and once I upload it, I'll share. It's fun and has a whimsical feel. My second one isn't finished yet but is coming along nicely. It will be called "Summer nights". I feel happier and warmer when I think about this piece. It is collaged as well.

I really love bringing objects and found materials to my, this new style is really clicking with me. Plus, I also love "I Spy" books and there is a bit of this in there. I'm already thinking of a 3rd will have a Halloween feel. :)

It's annoying right now as even when I feel happy, I feel like crying. I hate feeling this emotional and set out to sea feeling. Thank goodness for soup, kid laughter, stinky dogs and cats and the potential of tomorrows.

I hope I hear something from my mom soon. Most likely, I'll have to wait until this evening. this stinks...


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