snow, slowly falling

wind swirling and swirling. It makes my bones ache. It makes me want to sleep.

I did some painting just now and feel better. Why is it that snow, cold and darkness seem like something I have to fight with?

I picked up the things and put away this and that. Organized some work and all of this helped to make me feel more in control and not so scattered. Jon made dinner and this helped too.

So much seems to be up in the air. I hate that feeling...especially when it comes to people's health. Thinking of my dad...

Honestly, I really hate that the Rose parade was on Jan 2 and not on Jan 1 because it's Sunday. It's so annoying and threw me off mentally. I'm glad next year will be back to normal. I guess every 7 yrs or so, we'll have to expect this change.

Why is it that some people can sound "all Knowing" about stuff they know nothing about? It's so annoying. I just want to say, honey, just because you act all sarcastic/know it all, doesn't mean you are right. But what I usually do is feel like I smelled a fart.
(I can't believe I wrote fart...and I'm not going to edit it).

I've also learned that it takes more time to make Almond roco and not to do it when distracted or feeling like a hibernating bear. You'll just burn the almonds, believe me.

I took a nap but it made me feel even more grumpy. I had a complex and annoying dream about age and poverty. Basically, it ended well except for some windows falling out of a 3rd floor building with my art attached to it. I caught them and a person caught, we were both saved.

Anyway, the kids just finished painting and I wasn't too supportive. I just felt annoyed. I did finish 2 more pieces and I'm pleased with them.

Why do I feel so damned rushed? I'm trying to slow my self down and let me embrace doing my work but I feel like I have a timer stuck to my back. Is that normal?? sorry for being a complainer and swearing.

well, gotta let the doggies out. Maybe I'll get a flashlight and go for a walk. I hate all this darkness. Also, why are people pulling down all their Christmas lights on Jan 1? What a bummer. Don't they realize that this darkness needs light? Most likely everyone is thinking of their electric bill. sigh~~ I know I am.

Maybe I should do a swap for Valentine's day...I don't know.


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