snow day

We had a great snow day w/ the kids. They really had a lot of fun with each other. Yes, there are tons of pics. I wish I had felt better when their friend came over to take more pics but I've had a headache since yesterday. I think it's from the additional dust/smoke smell when Jon was trying to fix the furnace. It's also from being outside int the cold...earache. Very annoying. I need to add water to the humidifier as my nose is getting chapped/dry and bloody. not fun.

I got to take a nice nap for 2.5 hours. My eyes are sort of blurry at the moment, so it's hard to type. I feel like I got a gift to talk to my mom and earlier to my sis. So, all feels good and comfortable in this respect. It's funny how having a good conversation with people you love, really feels like a satisfying meal. I don't know why that is, but it's true.

I don't know about tomorrow. We were planning to go to an art reception in Bedford but with all this snow and feeling not 100%, I need the extra time to relax and putter. There is so much we do on Sundays, church and then family time w/ a big family meal. We shall see.

I feel happy right now. I also saw "The Last Unicorn". I love that movie and it was so nice to watch the animation as well as the story.

I just nasal flushed and hopefully, this will make sinus issues better. I just wish my ear didn't hurt so much. I know this sounds strange but when I was outside it felt like the wind left a ice piece in the back of my head and it really hurt.

The one thing I'm really glad about is I finished the kids mareep project. I made 3 of them and the kids were happy to get them, I hope. It was very difficult as I wasn't sure about the pattern/and I got the shape a little confused. But all in all, I got it done. I'll have pics up soon. I think I'll try and make some other sweet pokemon fans I know, something pokemon for them too. It's so neat how something like pokemon can reach so many different kids and age groups. I just think that is awesome.

Right now my kids are watching a Huckleberry Finn animation. It's by a Japanese company and they started off with Tom Sawyer. Now, I have to find a copy of the Emily of New Moon and Anne of Green Gables series. That would be awesome!


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