Rose Parade

:) It's fun to have on...but everyone has sort of left the room and doing other stuff (like me on here...ahem). It's sort of a nice sort of gentle tradition to watch. I'm sure people who have worked on the floats, find this annoying. lol Sorry!

It's snowy, really windy and cold right now. But there is the sun peaking out. I just want to curl back up and take a nap.

Tomorrow, the kids go back to school, Jon goes back to work, and I have have projects to finish. I feel exhausted thinking about it. Harrison is going to be so sad without the older kids. I'll make extra time to play with him and do some activities.

I tried making Almond Roca but burnt the almonds. They really get hot on a pan fast. It still tastes good.

I need to do some chores but a nap is calling my name. I think the temp dropped more and this is why I'm feeling like a reptile.

My dad seems sort of stable but still limping along. I'm praying he'll see reason and want to feel better by going to a regular doctor. One can hope.

Otherwise, New Year's was very nice. The weather was actually rainy and not 15 degrees. Today is a different story. Hopefully, not too much snow.

I started sketching on New Year's get me into a good frame of mind to get things finished I started over 4 yrs ago and to encourage me in this direction. Plus, I have to share all the Christmas artwork I did for everyone. I still have about 5 pieces to finish.

Well, enough writing...time to nap, get my energy up and do some house stuff. :) I love New Year' many possibilities and new adventures. I hope everyone has a great, blessed, healthy and loving new year.


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