resting and thinking

I have a lot to be thankful for. Even though this week has been so tough and up and down emotionally, there is a lot to be thankful and grateful for. I'm grateful for time to be with my kids and husband. So we can heal together and get better from this flu. I'm grateful my Dad is in good hands. I'm grateful for my brothers and sister and Mom. I'm grateful for my mom and dad-in-law to help us when we're feeling yucky. And I'm grateful these flu's aren't too long...just 2-4 days, it clearing up. I hope nobody else gets this as it was pretty intense. Harrison is doing better too.

I found out on Friday that I won the local art news rack! I was so happy and excited. This was cut short by the stomach flu. But I'm still happy. :)

Jon thought our house was going to be plagued by locusts because our water pipes froze, but I was like, we've been through this before, we'll get past it. Plus, I've heard of worse stories then ours...burst pipes and fires. scary! It is so nice to have running water.

I'm feeling kind of good...had some vanilla/honey chamomile tea w/ 2 pieces of sour dough toast. I love sour dough bread. I need to buy more as I ate the last two pieces. It felt like a treat, just for me. :)

Well, good night. The last I heard my dad is stable, he's a little depressed (as in why is this happening to me?)but good. They are going to try and change this. I hope it works. Either way, I'm relieved he's in a good place.


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