puggle by Emilyannamarie
puggle, a photo by Emilyannamarie on Flickr.

Today is one of those days where I looked at the date and thought, how'd it get to be January 16th?? When you are sick and have sick family members everything is a blur. My Mom's birthday is in 2 days and I haven't even sent a card! I'll be mailing out one tomorrow, Mom! How annoying to be so forgetful.

Jon is still recovering, poor guy. I think he needs to drink a lot more water and flush his system out. That's what I do and I think it's helping. Harrison has a bad 3 days...but is much better. Thank goodness you eventually get to the point where your stomach becomes accustomed to these things and you just get stuff cleaned up fast. phew!
Norrie is still sleeping at 9:30am and didn't want to budge. Thankfully, we have today off for Martin Luther King day. We always seem to be sick around this time of the year.

I hope by tomorrow most of this will clear up and we'll be able to carry on. Our water bill is going to be huge this month!


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