That's all I can do right now. If you could send positive thoughts, prayers, good vibes to my dad, I'd appreciate it. About 3 months ago, my dad fell down and suffered trauma to the brain, broke his nose, practically burst his kidneys while trying to cross the street. I'm so upset and angry right now. I feel like crying. And I'm sad he's not in a good mental state right now. Honestly, I think the brain issues have caused him to think even more incoherently than before. But none of the doctors feel he's incompetent because he knows where he is, knows his address and can sign his name. Well, I talked to my mom today and he can't even hold a fork! What the hell? I don't know if anything can be done about the cancer but if they can relieve some of the brain issues and help him this way, it would be good. The nurse is supposed to come and check out my dad. I hope she gets him to the hospital. I think some stubbornness is a good thing (usually this is called perseverance) but when it's so obviously hurtful/painful to people, it's totally not.

It's so strange because yesterday I was telling my sis-in-law about things and kept getting emotional about my dad. I must have suspected something. I just want him to get treatment and feel better. I don't want him to die...not for some time.

I'm trying not to get depressed about all of this but it's hard not to feel down. I need to do some artwork, journal and hug my kids. I honestly feel that having kids/family/friends/church helps so much. It gives one comfort and that is a good thing.


vivian said…
thats so sad about your father Emily. Very hard on a family when someone is in that shape. I will keep him and your family in my prayers.
Thank you,Vivian. It's very difficult and the good thing is all of us kids and my mom are standing with each other for my dad.

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