lightly snowing

It's snowing a little heavier right now, actually. We went for a 5 minute walk but it was way too cold and I started to feel like it was biting my face. So, inside we went. The dogs were good and did their doggy duty outside in the yard.

I got a huge amount of fabric from a church friend. And of course, my sewing machine is broken...grrr. I'm going to try and match what looks best. I hoping this one stripped piece will look good with this rose brocade I have. I'm going to fix up my dining room chairs with some of the green, I think. It's all really nice stuff and I hope I can do a good job using it.

I haven't been outside in a while what with being sick and all. It was nice but reminded me that it is January after all!

Yesterday, I bathed the dogs. They mostly smelled and weren't too dirty. However, it was exhausting and felt like a workout for me. Glad I did that because they look a lot better.

I finally went to and it's like a big bulletin board. It's interesting but I can see how you might be stuck on there for a long time.

I'm having Norrie read the Little House series books. She always picks Pokemon type books and I thought this would be a little more mellowing. It's nice it's in the winter so, she can relate. Lydia will probably read it afterwards. She has no problem with reading something new.

If I can squeeze out some time today, I want to do some illustrating and start writing a new book. I thought up a cute story this morning w/ the kids. Nothing spectacular and I just thought it would be fun to try and put together. I have other stories I should/need to work on but sometimes it's nice to start fresh.

I should start some coffee and secure the back screen door. It's so beat up from the weather, I don't know if it's going to last till spring. This wind is getting really fierce. Okay, I read a little of the Little House in the Big Woods last night too. I love how there are stories of their grandpa. They call them, Grandpa stories. The funny thing is Grandpa has older brothers, George and James. They usually write, George, James and So funny!


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