it's melting, it's melting~~

Thank goodness it's melting. Of course, we'll probably get more snow/ice but for now it's dripping. I like/love that sound. :)

I'm a little embarrassed. I was in the line at the market and I had one of those carts that have a car attached for kids. Well, Harrison kicked off a candy price tag thing and I bent down to pick it up. I think I accidentally bumped the person in front. I didn't realize till I saw these meanie looks from the cashier and bagging lady. I felt sort of like, geesh. I didn't mean to do this and instead of making me wonder why they were staring at me in this mean way, they should have said, you bumped her. I would have totally apoligized! When they looked at me like that I didn't put two and two together until she had already walked away. I didn't even realize anything had happened. Honestly, it felt like a accident and shouldn't have deserved a scowl. If anything, the woman should have said you bumped me or excuse me. I felt sort of like I was an ogre monster because she was so tiny and acted like I did a bump/space invasion on purpose. Geesh. It made me feel bad...if I even did anything. I still don't know.

I don't know why this is bothering me so much. Before that Harrison was crying as we went into the store and across the parking lot. Why? Because I left his snow shovel in the car. Sorry. Can't bring that into the market. He pouted the whole time. Oh, well. There has to be some limits.

Anyway, my ear/throat/sinus feels clogged again. I can't believe I'm getting another cold/ear infection. Maybe it's from stress? I'm taking vitamins every day and it's annoying to just be getting better and now this.

Oh, I just realized I probably have to do the newsletter for church. I'll work on it after lunch I think. I feel depressed. I shouldn't. It's probably cabin fever.


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