I feel sick...possible flu feelings

Last night or really about 2am, apparently, my second kid threw up. Jon didn't tell me and let me sleep. When I got up later, there was a horrible smell in the hallway and I thought the cats had an accident. They didn't. My poor kid was in total filth. It was difficult as she is in a loft bed and we had to get her down, in the shower, etc. Basically, we did all that and I was overwhelmed by the smell and started to feel really awful. Thank goodness for 409 lemon spray, comet and Lysol wipes!

All this emotional stuff w/my dad (I was thinking about my mom and dad when I got up) got to me and I started to freak out. I'm better now but it feels like I have the beginnings of the flu too. great. I'm hoping it just goes away and it's mostly being tired and overwhelmed. We shall see.

Jon was a trooper and helped me w/all the clean up and let me get a hold of my self. Honestly, I should be feeling better and as things are getting taken care of and everything.

My mom is finally going to be taking control of my dad and his health. The doctors have to report to her and she'll get all the info. w/out having to worry about anything being hidden from her (my dad is the classic male macho attitude. It's not healthy and believe me, it only ends up hurting people by being stoic. Don't do this).

I feel so tired right now. I wish I didn't feel so upset tummy wise as it's nice to have the kids here and baby them. Everything seems to make me upset emotionally or make me feel yucky tummy wise. Sorry for the complaints.

I feel really good that my mom is going to be in control of things and we can mesh a plan out w/ the doctors and hopefully, make my dad more comfortable and live a little longer w/out the tremendous pain he has been in lately. I feel like we haven't even attempted to try anything yet, and am grateful we can finally do this. Prayers are being answered and optimistic thoughts are working!

The status of my dad from Sunday, where he thought he was dying to yesterday is 75% better...he is talking like a person who wants to live now, too. :) Pain medication is a good thing. :) Letting people who know about medicine do their job, is a good thing. :) I'm hoping all is stable when I call again. We shall see.


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