Every weekend is a new excitement

Right now, it's getting cold in the house. No, I'm not keeping the furance off in an attempt to keep costs down. The pilot went out, apparently and now, we need a new thermocouple (had to look that one up to spell it). So, we are cold and shivery. Why is it something happens every weekend? Last weekend, the pipes froze and we were terribly sick. The previous weekends, we were stressed out from my dad/family issue. I feel like every time we get calm/stable or something good happens, something else happens to knock you down or shake the world up. I guess that's normal/life stuff.

I'm so annoyed about the pilot not working I don't even want to write about it on facebook because I feel like our life sounds melodramatic. I've gotta go put on some thick socks becaues my feet are getting cold...no, we are not Little House on the Prarie cold, thank goodness for that. I hope what the weather people say is wrong and if we do get snow, it's only 2" instead of possibly 7".

I'm also annoyed I missed my mom's phone call. I wanted to chat see how things are going w/ dad. Now, I have to do phone tag. Another annoyance.

Well, I hope all of this is resolved, our house will be safe w/ a new thermocouple and we will be warm again in a few hours. Wish us luck and stay warm/safe your self.


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