Each day is better

Even with all the fear/confusion and trying to push back the clouds of darkness, there is hope. Each day my dad has been in the hospital, he is getting better. Sometimes there are harder spots, as with dementia, there is also a lot of progress. I feel optimistic and hopeful. And very relieved that there are many people taking care of him and addressing his needs. It's a huge blessing.

My Mom is doing much better in that she can breath that he isn't on DNR (Do not resusistate, a mistake that the hospice included this) and is getting taken care of. It's been rough but so worth getting him in there/treated.

Also, we are finally getting over this horrible flu. It has been awful. Nearly as bad a feeling as the flu I had about 4 yrs ago and made me bed bound for a few days. I honestly think we are in better shape, muscle wise and that is why it didn't hit us harder. I feel like my muscles have been through a ringer, let alone the rest of me. Harrison is the last to get it. He threw up twice and lots of diarhea, poor baby. My in-laws have been dropping off pedialyte and crackers. Thank goodness or we'd be worse, I think.

Then, this morning our pipes all froze! I still can't believe this happened as I was up at 3:30am and didn't notice anything. I was thinking of doing some laundry but was too weak from the stuff earlier to do anything but eat a banana and yogurt.

But that is past us now as we have the water back, laundry is getting washed, we've all been bathed and are napping or doing chores or watching movies. Believe me, the coal bin door with the pipes to the outside is WIDE open. lol

I'm actually thinking of food, hot and sour soup sounds pretty darn good. Harrison fell asleep in my arms, poor baby. It made up for him barfing on me. :)

Even with all this yucky stuff happening, I love my family even more; isn't that funny how that works? And I feel the same for my family in California. They are doing a great job and we're working as a team. :) TEAM DIMOV! :)


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