a bit better

Things are picking up a little w/my dad. Two prayers are answered. Very glad about this. Besides being treated for everything and my mom making the decsions, things will improve much more. I know it doesn't mean a cure or what have you but he's not in such horrible pain as before and I'm so grateful for this.

I have to call my sis/brothers and mom and see what's happening. We're recovering from the flu/colds. I guess all this basketball is making us exposed to new germs, again. :( Part of life. Just means more sanitizer/hand washing to do.

I feel tired and tomorrow looks to be a busy day...kids are home from school and we're all sick. I think we'll be doing a lot of crafts and movie watching. Maybe a short walk if the weather isn't too awful.

I'm just glad I don't feel too sick. Plus, I found a stack of Gooseberry patch, "Country Friends Collection" that I'll pour over. They have/had a really cool collection of Gooseberry Patch at Sam's Club. I totally want to get them. :)

I didn't do any artwork today as I felt yucky. I just found stuff to make later, so that's good. I was very emotional today...I guess with all the stress it finally caught up with me. It was good to stare out a window and just feel sad. Sometimes, it feels good to just be down/teary and having a sympathic puggle staring at you at your ankles (cats do this nicely as well).

I just wish I had felt like doing some artwork. For some reason, it just seemed so hard to even think of holding a pencil to paper, let alone cutting stuff out of paper or painting. Strange feeling.

Well, I'm going to go to bed. Tomorrow is another day. I'm hoping things will be more optimistic and I'll be able to report some good things. Praying all is well. Have a good evening and a great Friday.


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