5:05pm = Tired

I should be making something for dinner but I feel tired. I made a bunch of soft pretzals. Maybe we can make scrambled eggs or something. I dont' feel like cooking...maybe take out? :) :)

Anyway, Harrison and I did some intense cleaning in the basement. Okay, I did the cleaning, he did the messing. I have moonsand down there and he loves to play with it and throw it everywhere. I've decided to clean out more of my studio and see what I've got stored in there to use it up or give it away or if it's dried up, toss. I got rid of a large garbage bag so far. I'm pleased. I have a lot of old clothing...stuff that's worn and I think I'll start making rags/stuff to quilt and the rest tossing/donating. I don't think Salvation army or the thrift store takes old clothing to use for quilts. Too bad...mostly old sweatpants for some reason. Don't ask me why.

I'm seeing progress, so that's good. There are several large items I need to get rid of (this old metal shelf that Jon got from his sister's...it's rusty! and a bunch of broken electronics). Now that I know the one recycling takes everything, I'll start gathering stuff up. I always dread adding to landfills so, it's great to recycle.

I would like to have a yard sale...supposed to be a big indoor one in February at the Jaffa. I don't know if I want to do that...I can imagine coming home with a lot more too. hahaha It's nice to clear things out.


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