there is always something to lift our hearts

Sometimes, when I think of the sad things that are happening in my family's life, I will start to cry and feel any one. But then, a part of me says, that's enough, time to do something. And I'll either scrub some dishes, sweep the floor, splash some paint on a canvas or walk the dogs and children. It's amazing how much better one feels when we are allow ourselves to move. Of course, we might yell and lash out but we'll apologize and explain it's because we are feeling bad. But don't let that state of anxiety keep hold of you.

I find that journaling helps me tremendously. I also read a lot of self help books and I have a deeper feeling that there is a constant good (God) that embraces all the changes in our lives. And by golly, I'm stubborn as hell when it comes to all of this and don't want bad things to happen to me or anyone. But the truth is, bad things do happen. They are there. Do we let them overwhelm us? Maybe for a few hours, maybe a few days/months. At some point, we have to let it go. We have to let it be and carry on.

If we don't, we're going to have the messiest house on the block, a stack of blank canvas's, a bunch of dead plants and a yard full of dog poo because we didn't walk anyone. And if we have people who depend on us, we cannot neglect them because we are emotionally upset. We have to pull ourselves up and march on. Because that is what life is. I know it's sort of a cliche, Scarlett and her whole, "As God is my witness," speech. But it's true. You have to find that rage/strength and lift your self up and get through those times when darkness seems to be washing over you. There is a better tomorrow. The clouds will not last, the sun will rise and we need to hold onto this. I hold on to this. Living in the moment and being as loving as one can be, forgiving, and knowing you are doing your best, this is what life is all about.


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