sprained knee

I think I sprained my knee yesterday. My plan was to go up and down the steps a few extra times and get some exercise this way. I was doing fine till, I also added laundry baskets. I guess this is why I sprained my knee. Oddly, I didn't feel anything till I went to the market w/ Jon. Then, I started to limp along and feel this awful pain.

Today I noticed it every time I get up, walk around, etc,etc. It feels awful and hurts. I was sitting on the floor right now, and my goodness, sitting tailor style hurts like heck!

I hope this goes away and I'll take it easy. annoyingly, I have more stuff to bring down to the basement. It's not so bad as I can't move up and down steps, it's just getting up from sitting on a couch or chair. weird.

Anyway, I'm happy I got the mantle painted. It's cherry apple red and very cheerful. :) Of course, it makes me want to paint the whole living room. I'm debating between yellow/orange color (think Mary Englebriet) or a yellow green. However, for the yellow green, I'd have to have wainscoting and that's a whole other price tag right there. I got the idea from a sweet movie, The Christmas Bunny. I'll probably go w/ the yellow/orange.

I've taken pictures of a few things and will download them soon. Seems like I'm always behind on this. I'll get better at sharing...

I think, when I list a whole bunch of goodies, I'll include free shipping. I have a lot of sweet things to sell. I made a bunch of buntings and I love how they turned out.

Speaking of making things, I started the star for the Christmas pageant at church. It's more of a square in rice paper, 2-d. I have to add a few things for support and then, I think I'll paint the star and add glitter, etc. I'm trying to do something similar to the King and I when the slaves of the King retold the story of Uncle Tom's Cabin. I loved this part w/ this snowflakes...so pretty. My star probably won't look like that but it's my own interpretation on a budget. lol

well, I guess I'll try downloading some pics. I was listening to the classical station on the way home from dropping off the kids at school...there was an obo piece that was so pretty. Oboe is fast becoming my favorite instrument.


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