It's 10 pm and I feel like it's 1am. A part of me wishes it was Friday but the other part is like, let me get as much as I can get done before Friday. Saturday I'm doing a craft table at a bazaar. Hopefully, there will be good turn out. I'm finishing up some things to sell but feel this anxiety for some reason. I guess it's because I was sick before and didn't do any artwork and now feel flustered. lol I think I'll have enough to sell/show...I just had a lot of plans and now I time to just do a wee bit of things. darn.

I can't believe it's already December. I erased my calendar wipe board from November and it was packed. December is busy too...just for the kid stuff (Christmas chorus, church activities, basketball, toddler time). In the mean time, there is all sorts of other stuff in between...from Christmas decorating and goodies to regular activities art wise. I need to just take a deep breath and do think of this in terms of day to day. That way, I won't forget anything. Oh, and with all of this, I'm worried about my dad and all the stuff that I'm trying to handle from over here in PA. Thank goodness I have my brother's and sister in CA to help out. Still, it's exhausting. Of course, everything is harder when you're tired. lol

I've got to tell my self to slow down and take a deep breath. January will be a relief to slow and enjoy the start of the new year. I won't even care if it's cold. I guess I feel sort of angry at my self for getting sick because I had so many things I wanted to make/sell,etc. And now, I'm basically 2-3 weeks late, again. :(

I guess this is typical of a mommy's not that I just have my self to tend to. Yeah, I know. The typical mama complaint. I'll quit whining.

Tomorrow is a new day. Hopefully, not so cold as I think this weather is making me feel sluggish too. bleh.


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