sick again.

Looks like I've got another cold. This time my throat hurts as well as the coughing/sneezing. Geesh! I just felt fine until yesterday. I was outside waiting for the kids to come out from school and they ended up playing for 10 minutes waiting for their friends mom. I wore a jacket but I guess I should have worn my winter coat. I felt a little tired/sore throat-ish and was thinking of waiting in the car but by then, the kids were done w/ playtime. Also, it didn't help that several kids sneezed/coughed directly in my face. :P

On the whole, my mood is upbeat and I'm doing stuff. So, I'm not too tired. This whole last few weeks have a been a bit crazy w/ the kids doing their singing concert w/Hollidaysburg chorus, basketball, games, decorating, church, and everything else inbetween. we are all tired.

Thankfully, it starts to calm down next week...sort of.

We are planning to go caroling,hopefully. And the Christmas pagnent is coming up at church. Fun times. :)

I have to make about 10-15 gifts...and still need to finish/mail out some goodies. It's all good and will happen.

I'm just happy the tree is up, we're all doing well health wise (minor colds), getting stuff accomplished and looking forward to winter break. I keep saying in my mind, we can do it, we can do it, yes we can! :)

Even if everything feels a pinch stressful, it's good stress and honestly, I feel like this has been the best year ever. I already got my best gift, my family making up and reuniting. Awesome! :) Everything is is just icing on the cake.


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