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Horses in the mist

Just saw The Secretariat. I saw it in two installments (2.5 hours a bit long) and was very pleased. It's sort of a "Babe" meets the Oscars type of movie...Really interesting, easy to enjoy and has a bit of spit of fire. There were some slow parts (the whole hippie daughter scenes, some sort of conflict of family interest but not too much as they aren't struggling financially) but otherwise, a nice film to watch and you were pretty sure that nothing too bad is going to happen.

The best part, for me, really was the idea of a woman who is labeled as a "house wife" finds her passion in keeping her farm and horses...a last effort to make good on her dad's (and her own) dream. I wanted more of this really. Some of the softer/slow parts could have shown more of this inner turmoil, I feel. This edge gets lost in the end and is more of a highlight when she talks to reporters and makes some witty remarks when egged on.

Either way, it was fun to watch and get into. And of course, it's so nice to see a gorgeous horse. This appeals to that little girl inside of me...and yes, I wanted to see more of this too. I guess I had The Black Stallion prancing in the back of my head.

Now, I want to see the next horse movie, War Horse. Sounds like a good one and might make me cry. What is it about horses that so enchant people? They seem like some magical, mythical creature at times.

I feel like doing some sketches of horses...might do so if I have some more time. I remember, as a child, falling in love with the Lipizzaner Stallions. I had never seen them in life but there was a book in my school library which I checked out so often, I probably annoyed the librarian. lol I saw a documentary about them once and they still gave me a thrill. :) Sadly, they had to cancel any tours this year (they sometimes came in through Altoona) because of the economics. I hope next year, they will go out again...I would love to see them in person.

Yes, there is something very wonderful about horses and the power and strength they express. I'm going to look for some more movies on horses. I'd love any recommendations. :)


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