prayers and good thoughts

My dad is in the hospital again. We're hoping that if he sees x-rays of his insides, he'll be more likely to want to try cancer treatment, get his growth removed and listen to the doctors. I really hope this works. He's incredibly stubborn as well as having the issues w/ dementia. It's really taxing on all of us, emotionally.

I also found out my brother has thyroid problems and has to have his operated on. Praying for you, David. I hope all goes well.

It seems all my sibilings have something going wrong, sore back and colds. Everyone is down and I think we're all stressing out because of worries. I guess that is normal. The very good thing is most of us have health insurance and are taking good care of our selves. I feel like there are a lot to be thankful and to count our blessings.

My ear feels like it's sore again, so even I am having issues. I really hate sinus infections.

On another note, I found out the woman at my church who is being catty might have a hearing problem and this is why she talks loudly to people and stares at people's face in an intense way (reading lips). I don't think she wears a hearing aid, which would probably help. I feel bad for getting upset. I do know I will look her in the face and make sure she knows I'm talking...I'm a very soft speaker too...except when I'm mad, than I can yell like an army sargent. lol

It was a great day until I came home and got the news that my dad is in the hospital. It seemed to drain out some of the joy of the day. The good thing is I got to talk to my mom, and I hope cheer her up and make a plan to get my dad to see the x-rays. I feel good about that. Jon feels optimistic that he's going to be all right and not die. I guess I tend to think of the most extreme scenario.

Otherwise, Harrison had a great spoiled birthday. He got a lot of loving attention, presents, too many cookies and candy canes, played in the snow, penguin toys and his favorite dinner (chicken noodle soup). He's a happy guy.


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