nonreligious pov and others...

I have no problem with people who have a different belief then I do. Whether that belief if religious, nonreligious or what have you. The only issue I have is if people say my way or the highway. I do not like extremes or people being arrogant about their view and saying I'm so much smarter/better/intellectual than everyone else. It's so very sophomoric. It's like the person(s) are stuck in high school and can't get past emitting the stink of insecurity which comes from over compensation of their beliefs. How do I know this? Because I went through this too. lol And I annoyed the hell out of everyone around me.

These types are difficult to be around because they don't listen or if they do, they are constantly trying to find holes in the people around them and expose them for the "lower beings" they are. I feel sorry for these folks because they miss a lot of life, joy and are usually very hard on themselves. However, that is their choice (or mental health issue). Either way, whatever mantra they take up, it's always the extreme. It's amazing to me that whether extremely religious or down right atheist, these people all sound the same. And they just make me want to avoid them.

I'm not saying people can't have strong beliefs or shouldn't. What I'm saying is people should really ease up on themselves and have a sense of humor. If we take our selves too seriously, life can become this big ol stinkin burden instead of something amazing and incredible. Certainly, there are very dark/depressing things out there but there is a lot of wonderful things too. Focus on this, try your best to change the dark things and let good things influence your life.

I was very annoyed last week about my church experience, but it's only one person and now that I realize a few things (and have stopped playing the defensive position), I realize I very much enjoy church and a lot of the people there. I think I'd rather let this joy and love guide me, forgive the toe stepping and be a little more vocal. I feel good about this. Also, as someone once told me, people are going through who knows what, it's better to be a little understanding than a over sensitive baby (like me). lol

Anyway, I think the next time some one does something annoying, I'm going to make them laugh. It's my goal in life to see if I can make someone smile. Can I do this? It's going to be a challenge (as there are lots of sticks in the mud around me). I think I can do this...we shall see.

On a different note, I'm very grateful for spell check. I might get the structure of a sentence incorrectly written but at least with spell check I can get most of my spelling errors in check. Have a great Monday!


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