nasal annoyances and colds

I think I'm getting better. I'll move around get things done, feel a little tired and nap for an hour. The annoying thing is every time I lay down, I have to blow my nose a ton of times. When I'm walking around, nothing or very little nose blows. But as soon as my head is tilted or to the side, all this stuff comes out. Is there a term, medically, for this? I wonder if this is why doctors have thought I don't have ear infections...some sort of hidden passage in my nose? It's so annoying, painful and makes me dizzy.

I sort of gave up on nasal flushing as I feel like it's irritating on my sinus. Yes, it helps a little but seems to draw out having a nasal infections. I don't know. I'll try it once in a while but not every day. I hope this clears up soon.

Jon took care of me today. It was nice having extra hands, being able to take a nap and rest. The funny thing is Harrison fell asleep after I woke up. He crawled into my arms and I rocked him to sleep. So sweet. His lip looks a bit scabby and I hope it's not getting infected. Poor kid. He must take after me w/ all the owies he's gotten into. The gals didn't have half as many problems.

I've talked to my mom and dad and this wiped out a lot of energy. I feel like sleeping thinking about it. My dad is in such denial about everything...keeps saying, it's God's will, etc. This makes me mad as it's not and my mom says, it's selfish of him not to take care of him self (which it is). Keep praying as do I.

I've got to get somethings done. The gals are doing a basketball game tonight. They are so sweet. They did a great job last time (found out from the coach they scored more in that one game then the team scored for the entire yr last year!).

We're relieved that the Christmas chorus finished successfully. What a great performance. I have to do a write up for my Altoona blog and I'll share it here.


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