My in-laws probably think I'm crazy

because I signed up for a Craft & Holiday bake fair. I forgot to tell them until the day of. I know why...I was sick and just sort of puttering until today. Thank goodness for many things...such as the nice warmth of the fair area...cozy on this cold sunny day. Also, glad that there are snacks to buy and lots of people are showing up. Very cool.

Other things I'm thankful for...that the dogs came back when they snuck out of the front gate (someone left that open) and they are good dogs. I feel a bit upset that they nearly got hit by cars...but they are all right now. geesh!

Thankful that Jon is managing the craft table and selling some goodies. I was annoyed that I forgot the cards to hand out. Considering I got all the other stuff together/made/decorated and displayed, it's all right. Plus, I'm doing this w/ 3 kids as well as. I have to pat my self on the back.

The other thing I'm thankful for is I got a lot of stuff finished up for the show and I'm proud of this. Selling a few things makes it all the better. :) Plus, I contributed to a great fundraiser (Maddie's Journey on facebook). It's all good. :)

And finally, with all this chaos and stuff happening, I did make a wonderful leek soup. Carrots, 3 leeks, 2 potatoes, 3 builion cubes, a can of chicken, sauteed onions and a lot of water...40 min, later, delicious soup. Jon will be pleased when I bring him home to that. :)

Now, if I can get some energy and make brownies for everyone, I think it will be the highlight of the day.

There was a lot of clean up involved but I won't go too much into this. Let's just say it's time to scoop the yard of certain things. yuck.

On an art note, I did nearly finish a snow man...I'm ashamed to say it's take me over a year to complete. Geesh!! It's because other stuff press for time basically. Oddly, once I sat down to it, it's really fast getting it done. :)


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