How'd it get to be Tuesday night?

I feel like today has decided to do a marathon and I'm still catching up. I always seem to fizz out by about 6pm and today was no different. It's annoying because I had plans and ideas and stuff to mail...not much happened (plus, parking at the post office was crazy packed). I did take care of my almost 3 yr old, got laundry/dishes done, tended to the kids, played, went for a walk, helped my parents w/ their stuff, did homework w/ the kids, did some shopping, and everything in between. I'm tired. I could drink some coffee but I don't want to do that. I want to curl up in my bed and sleep.

I still have Christmas stuff to do for Sunday's church thing and the same day we're celebrating a special some body's day. :) I really feel sorry for people who have their birthday's on or around a holiday and in this case, esp. Christmas. Talk about potential to being swept into the background.

I need to download pics of all the events, I was supposed to send in some pics for church but I forgot (darn it) and I feel rushed and annoyed. I guess that's normal for this time of year.

Okay................time to make some time for yoga. Going to stick that on the days list for 15 min.

Bought some peppermint candies but now I wish I had gotten Christmas kisses. What was I thinking?

Sometimes, time seems to just get swallowed up in certain actions/thoughts/conversations with others or inside our own heads. I feel like this happened several times today. There was nothing too negative from it, but it did stress me out and I yelled at the kids and felt frustrated. The good thing is I did pray and relax a little on the couch with the lights glowing. It felt good.

I'm sorry for my husband's co-worker who lost 80% of his home due to a fire in his basement. They also lost one of their dogs. How sad! His wife got out fine but they can't even live in the house...smoke damage, etc. I hope he's all right. Just so painful to have to have that happen around the holidays and when the weather is cold and terrible. For some reason, this makes it so much worse. Jon's coworkers are putting a nice Christmas gift together for him. Thankfully, he has insurance.

Even if things are hard to handle, emotionally, it's good to have people to talk to and love and be reconnected with. I think I need to call my good friend in Ohio and have a chat. She's probably the last person on the planet who isn't on facebook. lol

well, I need to go to bed. I feel slightly cough-ish. Nothing too major but rest seems to be the best medicine. I do feel better. And this is probably why today was so fun/crazy/slightly unaccomplished. I did a lot of playing...and that does make me feel good too. Have a good night. And may this week and all the weeks to come be blessed with joy, happiness, peace and love. I guess that's an early Christmas blessing. :)


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