That's how I feel today. I've got a stinkin cold, my youngest is hurting from his fall yesterday (weird Japanese type bow, which lead to smacking his head on a metal toy and splitting his lip), annoying people at church (saying rude things about my art, and then acting all friendly/sweet later on) and just being tired.

Do you remember that movie, Monster Ball? Remember the mean person who kept saying mean stuff and then, would say, I'm just kidding. That's how this person at church is acting. She'll say something like, "you're name is Emily? You're Emily?" and I'm like, how long have I now known you? Over a freaking year?? Or I'll be looking for one of my kids coat and it will be "missing". I'll find it on the chair she was sitting on. What the heck is that about?? Honestly, she'll do these weird HS jerky things and it's getting to be really creepy/annoying.

Another example, I brought in a project for the kids to do, make christmas ornaments out of salt dough. I brought cookie cutters and she did too. Well, I didn't put some of her's back in the little tin she brought and stuck them in the bag w/her bigger ones. She yells out to everyone and says, My little ones are missing! Check your bag, Emily". Like I was stealing them or something! I was like, I checked and of course, they weren't there. Then, someone found them in her bag. She didn't say sorry for yelling or accusing me of stealing. She just shrugged and said, Oh. Then, when nobody was around she came over to me and said, that was a very nice project...I was like, what is wrong with this person? No wonder there are hardly any mom's/parents going to this church. Honestly, with today's episode (she made fun of a star I made, several times saying there as a "better" star on the wall and making it sound like what I did was a child's attempt by asking if my kids helped, which they didn't), I nearly wanted to drop church and go somewhere else. That's my honest feelings. There is no reason to belittle people to make your self feel/look better.


Buddha's Ghost said…
She sounds as if she has a troubled soul and lashes out to make herself feel momentarily balanced by making others feel as badly as she does. So sad. I would pray for her, because she needs someone to. Just realize in your heart that there is no problem with you and she is the one walking wounded.
I will definitely pray for her. Thank you for's exactly what I needed to hear and be reminded of. It's been going on for over a year now and seems to be getting worse. Maybe because of the holidays? I just don't like being someone's punching bag.
Buddha's Ghost said…
None of us like to be the subject of other's ill will, regardless of the reason and there's certainly no need for you to tolerate her bad behavior.
However, if you suffer in silence, you know it won't get any better.
Just remember, sometimes you must kill with kindness. This is a sensitive situation. If you were to initiate a discourse with her on how you perceive her behavior toward you, her natural instinct, considering her current state of mindset, will be to lash out, as this is what she is accustomed to doing. My sympathies go out to you and anyone that must deal with her behaviors. Best of luck.
I like this response a lot (being kind). I'm not a confrontational type of person and was dreading even saying anything for the very reasons you wrote. Thank you for responding as it's made me feel a lot better and not so confused/anxious.

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