Happy New Year!

I'm ready for the New Year, are you? Well, I'm sort of ready...I've been going through stuff and cleaning out and rearranging. The basement is being attacked and purged. It's a pity we can't really have yard sales in January...oh, well. Maybe put stuff in the garage and then have a yard sale? I'm not too sure about that. I'd rather just clean it all out.

I feel good about the progress and to see how I'm becoming more fine tuned about what I want/don't want,etc. I really think there is a bit of the 1930's grandmother in me who can see the usefulness of nearly everything. However, too much stuff is an accident hazard. I've been having nightmares from various news stories about people and their homes being destroyed by carelessness. I think I already mentioned about my husband's co-workers home being damaged by fire/smoke. They didn't have a fire alarm in the basement and their downstairs oven was left on! Scary!!

So, I'm de-cluttering a bit. Not too much but enough to make space for new things and getting focused on what I want to make for future art pieces. :) It's all good.

On a different note, I feel sorry for our Christmas tree...the live one. I sort of want to see what happens if I put root hormone on the base and see if it grows roots. I doubt it but you never know. But at the same time I want to cut it into bits and make new artwork out of it. I'm weird, I know.

Anyway, I hear howling children. Snack time perhaps. Have a great New Years! I made lentil soup and it is very good. Hope you make something similar and have a good time.


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