Feeling tired~~

but happy.

santa's fallen

We had a great day today. Church, family gathering and having quality time together. Nothing huge or major or what have you...just lovely to be with each other's company.
Santa Claus and the Astronauts

I love listening to my daughter practice the string bass...the first few plucks makes me think of that beginning of TCM (classic movie station theme sound) and she is getting better each time. I love watching my kids and seeing them interact even when they fight and argue and work things out. If I don't get too upset, it's very sweet. lol

I'm also glad to play a small part with the church pageant. It's actually sort of fun and reminds me of doing small part theater in community college. :)
Wanted: Santa Claus
I need to do some artwork and clean up. We did pretty good at the Holiday Craft and Bake sale. I got my self a Christmas gift. A woman was selling handmade primitive folk dolls and I had to have one. If I made enough sales, I was going to buy one. Thankfully, I did and I have a very sweet witch and kitty. :) I have to check out her website and feature at my Altoona Mirror Blog. :) <3 I love finding people who make things that just tickle my soul.

Last night, Jon and I did a project together: repairing the beat up tunnel that Harrison loves. It's really had a lot of use. Well, we worked on it and I burned my fingers using the hot glue gun like 50 times! Jon did one finally patch and burned his thumb once and was like, not wonder you were so angry & swearing! lol Isn't that true, though? You have to walk in a person's shoes to really feel how something is like. I certainly wouldn't want anyone to be burned or hurt but there is some truth about this.

I went to Michael's Art Store today. I was surprised at how much it changed. Not in a bad way, just different. I still wish they had a fabric section...I need to get some wool like white material for making some of the kids stuffed animals. I got some goodies for Santa stockings and some more paint. I'm going to try and do some stencil snowflakes on the windows. I have no idea if it will work as I'm going to use a toothbrush and paint (splatter painted on). We shall see.
Santa Cruise
Gotta download a ton of pics. I feel like I have at least 5 events on there. Lord, give me the strength to make things/finish them and not get sick/hurt in the process.

There is no reason for the Santa pictures other than I like Santa and it gets me into the holiday spirit. :)


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