Dancing in the New Year

Well, we got the Just Dance game and I think I pulled every muscle in my body. bleh. It's SO MUCH FUN, though! I totally love it and even if I'm sore as heck, it's a lot of fun to try different moves and beat your old score at the same time. And yet, here I am complaining of a sore back and stiff arms. Oh, well...oh, and I think I slightly sprained my ankle. whoops

In other news, I'm waiting to see how everyone is doing. Dad is still not doing very well. I'm praying and hoping he feels better with his new treatment.

Our spirits are mostly up. I found out there was a little uh-oh moment at my sister's w/ family members. lol I have to just shake my head. All I can think of is people need to watch a few movies to get an idea about older people...King of California, Tate Danielle and Babette's Feast are a few good films that will give people a better perspective of age and how to relate to people in general.

Anyway, I still can't believe Christmas is over and the New Year is coming along fast. It all makes me want to take a nap for some reason. Oh, and it's gotten colder. I was hoping we'd stay in the 40 degree range. Doubtful.

I'm thinking of goals for the future...the first will be to make more time. The second de-clutter a bit and the 3rd stretch my self out of old habits (like procrastinating).

One of these days we are planning to go to California and visit family. Hopefully, thing will be mellow and calm. We shall see.

Right now, I feel sort of tired and in the mood to have a big cup of tea, cookies and watch Miss Marple on netflix. Not going to happen as everyone is currently watching Sgt. Frog. That's all right because I just had some pain pills and my back is starting to feel a bit better.

Oh, and the kids got a bunch of water applied tattoos and I tried some. Now, it looks like I'm bruised all over. :P Oh, well...

A good discovery is I found out it only costs $.40 cents to make a color copy! I'm in love and they come out so nicely too. I have an evil mastermind plan that's soon to be hatched that deals with color photo copies. That just sounds weird. hahaha I'm starting to hone in on Sgt. Frog, I think. Well, good night!


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