You know what? I don't like the cold

I really don't. I walked outside today to put the string bass for my eldest in the car. And I didn't wear a jacket. You know what? It's d--- cold out there! I feel like I lost 3 hours of sleep walking outside. Just felt so stinking tired. All right, I admit I woke up at 4:30 am and read some of this murder mystery (thanks to my mom-in-law) and dozed off after awhile. Then, I got up early w/my hubby so I could get some chores done so the kids wouldn't act psycho because they couldn't find their backpacks under all the Halloween stuff.

It's 29 degrees outside. The car said 36 at 7am but when we started driving the temp dropped to 29. I was like, what? I think it must be warming up a little because the snow is melting, sort of. Also, leaves are falling in clumps instead of a few at a time...well, both leaf falling ways, actually. Everything feels off.

I'm a complainer. I made myself another cup of coffee after falling asleep on the couch (thank goodness for warm, stinky dogs and warm stinky dog blankets). Even Harrison, cuddled up to me. I still need to go to the market and get milk and food stuff. I don't wanna. I just want to put on slippers, my bathrobe, lay down for 2 more hours and snore. Also, I can't find my Wii remote to do Wii fit exercises. Someone put it in a special place and forgot where that special place is.

Thank goodness we got trick or treat out of the way and we can just carve a pumpkin and watch Nightmare before Christmas tonight. Actually, I'm not sure we can watch that as someone decided to use the VCR as a toy holder... Either way, I hope everyone has a great time in the regular world.

If you read this post and feel insulted or annoyed, then you have not had enough candy in your life or else should just go back to bed too. Honestly, if I go out today I want to go to Wal Mart or Sam's Club, get the groceries and buy a new fuzzy throw just for me.

I did make it to Wal Greens and got new camera batteries. I'm glad the people there are paid to smile because I forgot I wasn't smiling and felt sort of like Frankenstein or a stone face. It broke my sleep stare and got me to wake up a little.

Anyway,I hope this caffeine works soon; I hate feeling so sleepy. If not, the couch and dogs will oblige me.


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