time to down load some pics

I need to add some new pics on here. This weekend has been a blur of activity. It's Monday morning and I'm like, did we do all that we did this weekend?? I feel exhausted thinking about everything. No wonder I took a 2 hour nap yesterday afternoon. The biggest change was Harrison getting up at 4 in the morning on Sunday and dragging us long for the ride. It was sort of funny, actually. He conked out at 7am and then got up 9:30 or 10. I really thought we weren't going to make it to church but we did.

Anyway, now that things are calming down, sort of (I still have to get a string bass into the school...and hope that one of the kind men who open the door for the kids will help), I can start to get things organized and straightened up. The house looks like a newspaper thrown open in a huge pile. Well, maybe not that bad. It does need some good ol TLC. How the heck did I get so much stuff in here?? Oh, yeah...I forgot, I'm an artist and a messy one. Add 3 kids, 2 dogs and you get the picture. lol

Okay. Friday, we went to Bedford and met with some gallery people. Very nice and inspiring. Same day, we went and got hay for the yard or mud ball as I think of it from all this rain we've been having, had to extremely whiny and tired children come home from their long day (school/singing/dinner w/grandparents) who refused to go to bed and complained that their Saturday was ruined because of outside activity. Oh, such poor babies. Finally, got them to sleep and in the morning, they were 25% better but still complaining. I made waffles to make the day go down more smoothly. I guess it sort of worked. Got them to the basketball camp and Jon took their pics to make them feel better. There is a funny one of Lydia pouting:

Then, I got busy and made 2 casseroles, pasta salad and some other stuff but I forgot what. Let's just say, it was a busy crazy day. Jon went to a meeting for church and we watched the moon. That night, Harrison over slept and woke at 4 am and didn't go down till 7. We nearly missed church and it was a big day w/the Bishop coming in. :) Then, home again, where I fell asleep from all the rain storms moving in and then, off to family for dinner. I was really exhausted. Thank goodness today is going smoothly and I got my eldest to school w/ a string bass. I was fretting about this and apparently, so was she as she had nightmares of forgetting her bass. lol

The great thing is today is a GORGEOUS day with sunshine and blue skies. I hope it lasts for the rest of the day. I put some hay down and the yard will be less muddy and I hope the hay doesn't blow away with these extreme North eastern winds. lol I sort of like the wind more now. Weird how you start to change. Now, back to cleaning up. Oh, and I was just playing with Harrison when he bumped his noggin on the floor. Poor little guy! It might teach him to not be so jumpy on mama, however. Have a good day!


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