Spin, spin as fast as you can

That's how I've been feeling today. First off, I feel better but not 100% and have these bouts of just wanting to flop on the couch and rest/watch TV or nap (impossible w/ a kiddo and jumpy dogs). On top of it all, I thought today was the day to volunteer at the Senior lunch and only found out (after my brain stepped back and slowed down to process everything) it's the 1st Wednesday of the Month. Thank God! Not only was I not feeling well, but I'm low on gas and was worried about driving around town. Phewie!

The other part was getting the newsletter done...Just realized I left something out. Will add that soon. Then, I stayed inside w/ the little Mister and he was sort of out of it too (I think he's gotten whatever the heck I had...some wierd head congestion). He just fell asleep during dinner, poor guy. Hasn't done that in ages.

I still have to make 2 costumes...ears and tails for cat costumes. Plus, mine...if I do it. Right now, I don't give a d---. I'm tired.

The most annoying thing is the kids were so frustrating when they came home. High strung, jumpy, impatient, demanding and in your face...I wanted to scream at them a few times as I was doing my best w/ everyone wanting everything at once. Geesh. Deep breath. Plus, I was baking cookies and the timer seemed to go off in a matter of seconds instead of minutes when I was working w/ them (homework, guiding, string bass practice,etc).

I found out some sad news...there is no coach for 4th grade basketball and there are only 7 girls for the team (need 8). I have no patience to do this right at this moment...but I'm tempted to see what is needed. Maybe pair coaching? I don't know. How disappointing to have this happen. I'll call and see about the time. I asked Jon and he's like, No. I don't know anything about basketball...but then he thought, maybe. We'll see. The time is the factor.

Anyway, I feel sort of like I drank too much coffee and am jittery when I should be calmer. Maybe I should do some yoga.

Why does it seem like the kids know how to push you to your limit? If they really wanted to get their way, all they have to do is say, mommy sit down, plop your feet up, let me rub your toes, here's some tea, do you need a pillow? I love you! Wouldn't that be great?? :) I need to write that down as one of the afterschool activites. :)

Everyone just told me that it might snow tomorrow. Maybe that is why I feel sort of loopy? Perhaps. I'm going to do some light yoga. Love to you all!


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