Rainy wednesday

I was feeling pretty good all day and upbeat. But then, I saw what I thought was some trash on a sidewalk and it turned out to be a cat. It didn't look good. There was no way to stop...traffic, rain and 3 kids in the car. I feel so sad and helpless when I see these things. I know it will be found by someone. I just wish I had seen it when the road wasn't so busy and earlier. It really just made me so sad.

I sound like a broken record but I do feel tired. I got up early, did a workout, planned to go to volunteer (didn't happen as Harrison was wet from playing at the park) and did a million chores, it seems. I did some artwork but for some reason I couldn't find a hammer anywhere. I need to nail some metal on wood. I could have done some drilling but didn't want to get everything out. I was supposed to go to the copy shop but didn't even get that far. I think this weather is making me achy too and this isn't the best feeling to have.

Well, my eldest is learning the string bass. She's learning the first page. Sounds pretty good. :)

I did find a hammer (in the garage) and a little metal work. I feel better now. :)


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