rainy day


But hey, it's FRIDAY! :)

My siblings are being so great...really, so great! :) I'm really lucky to have a sister and brothers in my life. Sometimes, I don't tell them this and I really should because they are awesome! :) Love you guys.

I seem to be having a slight sneeze attack...annoying. I feel a little achy from the damp weather but otherwise okay.

I need to finish up some art and stick it on Etsy/eBay. I have a few Halloween goodies but have mostly been working on some metal and wood pieces. I really love working with metal but it is dangerous as you can slice open a finger really easily...not fun. I wonder if I can find cotton gloves to wear while working. Might help.

Anyway, I did decorate a little Halloween tree with my cutie skulls and pumpkins I made. I really like them and think they so cute.

I seriously need to do some photographing. Why do I feel so blah about everything? I think I need to work out. ;) Have a GREAT Friday! Sending love to you all!


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