just a little crazy...

being silly and fancy

That's how I feel today. Things are sort of calming down with my parents situation of apartments. The big reason they might have to move is their roommate is looking for a new place and keeps saying she's going to move,etc,etc. It's making them feel unstable and making all of us kids feel sort of crazy as we would have to help w/ the costs until they found a new place.

I'm praying so hard they find a senior place and that is close to my sister (or brother). I just want them to be stable and happy. They can do whatever they want once they have a nice place...and hopefully, one that allows pets...like a bird. I think this would really help them emotionally.

Okay, I feel a bit better sharing this and getting it off my mind. My brother said the roommate isn't going to move out next month. However, she implied stuff and it made everyone upset. I just want my parents to have their own place w/no roommate and not have to worry about each month's rent and if they are going to be all right.

The biggest thing I've learned about all of this is to treat people nice. Treat them nicer then you even want to because everything comes right back to you if you don't. Make the most of repairing relationships and adding to it as it really makes a difference in the quality of our lives.

The other thing is going frequently to a doctor for any problems (and esp. mental health issues). I wish we had known a lot of things 25 years ago...we might not have had so many upsets over the years.

Also, the biggest and most obvious, exercise a little every day. I wasn't going to exercise today (did lots of chores) but did 8 minutes and I have to say, by golly I feel 50% better then I did before the exercising. I felt sluggish and icky (I usually feel like this after lunch...)and this time, I feel energized. I will make it a point to do 8 minutes of exercise after I have a meal and see if there is a difference in my mood. :)

I was feeling sort of down about not painting or doing artwork but I did a lot of chores (cleaning out the mudroom) and it's all good. I will do some artwork as the kids do their homework. It makes me patient and receptive for some odd reason.

Tomorrow is Friday and I hope the sun peaks out. I want to see the beautiful colors of hills and countryside of PA. I hate to show off but PA is amazing and truly a gift during this season. :)


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