I'm not supposed to be here...

But I am. I'm home tending to the man cub...he finally fell asleep. He was driving me crazy...CRAZY. He woke up at 5am and just has been running wild since then. When is this going to stop?? I feel sad as I wanted to be at the church event tonight with all the fun and food and friends. There was even kid watching! Darn it.

The good news is Jon called me and said there is a great turnout and this makes me feel so very happy. You have no idea how happy. It's sort of a "It's a Wonderful Life" feeling to know that all these people are there and healing/reaching out to each other. I feel like I should write about this in a book or something. lol :)

I feel really tired and sleepy but I had to write this stuff out before I dozed on the couch. There is no way I'm carrying that kid up the steps...he's like 90 pounds when asleep. It was hard enough plopping him on the love seat. Geesh!

This Saturday feels sort of like I didn't much done...feeling tired and grumpy. I wish I had made cookies. Nobody wanted to do anything (the girls flat out refused to go to basketball camp...I was going to make them go but Jon was like, oh, give em a break...they do have 1 more time to go. It's not a biggie). If I can just get someone to sleep normal hours and not get up 50 times during the night, I think life will return to normal and I won't go crazy. I'm only slightly kidding here.

Well, I've got to lay down before I faint at the keyboards. Mom, if you're reading this, I'm going to lay down. Don't worry. Love you and all!


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