Happy Halloween!

It's a good day for trick or treating...yes, we already did that in our quirky small town. However, Jon informed me that they do trick or treating in State College, so we could skip over there and get extra candy if we really wanted too. I think we'll just carve our pumpkin and do a Halloween movie night. :)

I have some good news. My dad is back from the hospital and called on Friday evening. I'm very relieved as I was so worried about him. Apparnetly, the fall made him have a mild heart attack, bruising on the brain and he had to have an angoplasy. He also broke his nose. I'm so upset that he fell but it looks like it wasn't his fault (except for going out by him self and not being patient) as there was some road construction and they didn't put a sign up.

Anyway, what matters is he is home and is starting to listen to people. Hopefully, it will continue. It's a big relief to know he's doing better and I hope this continues (also, listening to the doctors as well).

This week feels less stressful all ready. Thank God. I'm glad we got the Halloween stuff out of the way and we can enjoy ourselves and get back into routine. I still don't know why I felt so icky last Sunday...Maybe I was exhausted. Either way, I feel better now (only a slight nose sniffle).

I think we'll still dress up and take some pictures in our costumes. Sort of a home party. My in-laws did a Halloween house (garage) on Saturday. It was kid oriented and cute. I guess I could/should have helped out but didn't know what they needed. I could see how I could make it too scary. lol Apparently, it went over well w/4-6 yr olds. lol

I still can't believe it snowed Saturday. It wasn't too bad but it does make things slippery, so we all have to be careful. I need to get more salt and camera batteries. I see a list coming up.

Well, I'm excited for pumpkin carving and pumpkin seeds, tonight. I'm glad I saved that for the actually Halloween night. Have a good one!


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