Good stuff

I was feeling really down about the art gallery closing. However, Jon got a day off and we drove over to Bedford and let me just say, I feel a lot better. It was amazing to see the busy feeling and just the general upbeatness of the area. Altoona could learn a lot from Bedford's downtown. Everything feels fresher and people care about each other. You can tell by the attitude people have...this respectfulness as well as appreciation for details. I love this. It was a pleasure to meet some new people and experience this. Maybe it was the sun peeking out from the clouds or I don't know what, but there is an energy there. very cool. It reminds me a bit of San Francisco and Old town Pasadena but with a hometown feel.

I really love places that encourage expression of individuality and aren't afraid to try new things. Locality Gallery gave me this vibe. It's going to be fun seeing what they show and I hope a few of my edgier pieces are shown there. I have steered away from my larger pieces just because it's easier to mail smaller works and I can do them with kids around.

And I was really pleased with the Bedford Art Council and the work they show/sell. They took a few of my wood carvings and I'm excited to see how they do. I'll have more to show in a few weeks as well. It really makes a difference to be around people who appreciate the time and work involved in handmade goods.

And I totally am thankful for my in-laws picking up my kiddos from school and taking them to singing practice so we could make the trip today. It would have been insane having to drive back time wise. It was hard enough w/ a 2 yr old, let me just say. phew!

I'll have pics up tomorrow. I feel like I need to get my wood tools out and start finishing up a few pieces. I'm so glad there are places where art seems to be thriving and being steady. That's what matters...longevity with a touch of freshness.

We also stopped in Tyrone and looked for the new gallery there. They are between shows, so I didn't see anything yet. I should have left a note (they like to share these on their and interesting).

I think there are a few other places I need to find in Bedford. The nice thing was I noticed some of the artists in the Art show where familiar to me. They are also in Art in Common group in Altoona and more. Pretty cool.

All in all, it was a great day. It rained but it made the streets clean, sparkly and fresh once the sun came out. I definitely want to go back...can we handle it with 3 kids on a Saturday? That is the question.

I do feel a bit annoyed we missed Fall Foliage (a big street fair they have during the Fall). But it's all good as I know what to aim for next year. There are SO many fairs/art shows I'm learning about, it's ridiculous. I'm going to start putting a few together and seeing which I want to apply for next year. Have a great weekend!


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