feeling sad

Looks like my dad fell down from a mild heart attack. It makes me so sad because he keeps trying to do so much on his own. A friend reminded me about the "guy" aspect of being strong. It's so, so true. I wish I could just give my dad a hug and let him know we all care for him and support him. Just don't run off without us and give us a chance to help.

I just feel overwhelmed. Today was so wild and all over with the weather and doing stuff. Trick or treat night is here and The kids are planning to go out. I feel tired just thinking of it all. They are so excited. Harrison had trick or treat at the library and passed out. He was so asleep when I carried him upstairs, he didn't even protest when I pulled off his boots. Felt like I carried a 100 pound weight.

I also feel like there is this energy that is sapping people of joy of life. I wish there was a balm to sooth this. I feel sad that there is so much misconceptions. It truly feels like people are tuning into the Devil's radio as the song goes.

All I can do is be calm, embrace life, find joy in the every day and pray for the good of all. Blessings to you and yours.


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