Feeling better

Yesterday was a series of annoying things happening...the car mirror broke when I swerved to the side to let a bus pass by I hit a lamp post, I guess. Then, the car wouldn't start because I didn't realize Harrison had left the lights on and ran the battery out. And I had a bad headache all day due to my cold/stress. Today is much better...accept for the road work they are doing right now. I feel more energized after getting some chores done.

I didn't work out today but will as I think this is what has been helping keeping me from going crazy and feeling really awful. I just do some yoga and about 16 min of Wii fit. 30 min top.

I keep getting these waves of sadness washing over me. When the hustle and bustle slows down, I start to feel sad. I guess that's to be expected with all my family stuff in California. My husbands co-worker/friend at work is experiencing a similar situation with her father. He is in the dying stage, unfortunately. He'll be there for about 15% of the time and that's when it's heart breaking. He'll say, he's afraid of dying and feels sad/guilty for the past. His daughter said she's afraid of dying too. And fortunately, their priest comes and got in his face and said, God forgives you! You don't need to worry about that. What a blessing to have someone remind you of that ultimate unconditional love.

I hope everything is calm for her and her father. I wish I could visit my family and help. But I know they know I love them very much.

I sometimes hate this time of year. I really do. All the holidays start and I feel happy for everyone but it really stinks that my side of the family are all on the West coast and we're all here. I feel angry that stuff like transporters are not real and Jon is afraid of flying and that cash is always tight. I'm a bit whiner, I know. Actually, I'm very blessed and thank God for phones, Internet, pictures and even if I get into fights sometimes, facebook. lol This is what happens when I don't do some exercising. hahaha

Well, enough of that. :) I'm going to have some coffee and get this room whipped into shape. Love to you all and have a great week. :)


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