Warm humid day

It wasn't too bad, however. I seem to be getting used to the warmth. It did hit me about about 2pm and I took a nap while the kids rested/played video games. I felt like I had no creative energy what so ever. I tried to paint/do some sewing and I just felt utterly exhausted. I really feel like it finally caught up to me, all the stuff from last week w/ my dad. I just wanted to sleep for a few extra hours. Honestly, I'm up right now but in a few, I will be nodding off.

A lot of good things are happening...my parents are talking to my sister. They are healing. My dad is getting good medical attention and is following through with the medication and therapies. And there are other good things happening as well...my sis found some programs that my mom could get paid for taking care of my dad as well as get health coverage too. Thank God! I'm just so glad my dad's getting treatment for cancer...and I hope it guides him to make the right choices w/my mom.

I entered a local art show, yesterday. I was so fortunate to have someone give me a little extra time to submit. I was so overwhelmed w/ all that happened, I nearly didn't make it. I'm so pleased about this. It lifted my spirits.

I also feel like I can do some other things I've been postponing. All in all, everything is so intricately woven together...it makes me realize there is a higher Good watching out for all of us. I'm so blessed by all the wonderful people in my life. I need to remember this, instead of focusing on my petty fears.

I hope tomorrow we all awake refreshed and do lots of good works. Have a good evening!


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