Threat of storms

That's what I heard all day on the PBS station...cyclones, hail, pouring rain. I don't know if we got any of it in my area as I feel asleep for an hour. My head was pounding from either allergies or storm pressure. My ear is still aching but it feel a bit better now that I took some Motrin.

The pavement has this blurred effect from the heat...if I was a lizard, I'd be in heaven. There are things I need to do such as clean the bathroom and mow Mr. Nelson down (trim our Bichon's hair down) but I feel sort of like going back to take a nap.

My husband sent me a link to this artist, Ryan Alexiev. He is Bulgarian, too. What I thought was odd/interesting was he was born in Los Angeles much like I was born in Hollywood. He later was raised in Alaska. Now, that is cool. His website is really colorful as he works in cereal. I also checked out his links page...very edgy art. Lots of it is theoretical stuff...makes me feel sort of sad as it reminds me of my college days but at the same time sort of wondering what is the point? Why be so disconnected from every day people? I guess this is my realist side popping out. lol

I guess I find really modern stuff basically sterile. Maybe I'm a reverse snob, I don't know.

Anyway, it was sort of like walking down the cold halls of a museum and feeling sort of like you're in an interesting nightmare. lol I think I like art where it comes from the heart and not just books and measurements. Yep, I'm a reverse snob. sorry.

In other news, I'm enjoying the mock orange on my dining room table. It is surrounded by all my projects, piles of sewing I need to finish and a several boxes of paints and kids stuff. How did it get to be 15 to 3pm?

The good thing is I made it to the post office and mailed out a few things. I wish I had more energy to do some art things.

Oh, and I talked to my mom and dad. I'm praying they will be all right and I made up w/ my dad (again). He was upset about the phone and wanting to talk. Oh, well. I'm thinking about some things I want to accomplish. I hope I can do some things this summer. Hope everyone has a good day and isn't too over heated. At least I know the people in the West are having some good weather. Love you all!


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