for my dad. He went willingly to the hospital (thank God). He refused all day yesterday. I talked to him last night, the first thing he did when he woke up was say, call 911, I'll go. He was very afraid, from what I heard from my mom. He was crying and scared but he went and this is a huge relief. I told him all my exploits when I had to go to the hospital (birthing and eventually hysterectomy). I told him how I felt, what went on and how he might feel too. Thank goodness he listened and realized that something was wrong. I told my brother the signs to look for if it's serious (not going to the bathroom, etc). I said he'd probably be in there for 2-3 days and make sure all his fluids are normal and breathing is better.

Some results came back...kidneys are swollen and they are checking out his heart/lungs,etc. Deep breath. Hopefully, my mom and dad will get a nurse to help at home once he is released.

I'm just really glad we can connect quickly and talk to each other. Thank goodness for this.

During all of this, we were very fortunate to have people help us fix up the house. There is so much that has been done, I can't believe it. I feel sort of discombobulated about the changes. It's great and a much needed thing to have done. :)

I have a headache from either pollen or dust. I can't tell. It's irritating as it makes me feel worse.

If you are a praying person or would like to send good thoughts, please add my dad and family to them. Thank you.

Here are some good things to remind me all is well:

1. It rained after I forgot to water the garden.
2. My dad is in a safe place and getting care.
3. My kids have sweet friends.
4. I have sweet kids.
5. I have a sweet husband.
6. I have sweet pets.
7. I have a lot of love in my life.
8. I'm grateful for this life, even with all the ups and downs.

I want to make sure to reflect back all the good that is shared with me. I'm definitely going to do more volunteering and help others.


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