nearly finished an 18 by 24 inch painting...

I still have a few things to tighten up on the painting I've been working on all week. It's funny, I just had to paint it. I really love the size of it and the details...I will photograph soon.

Lately, I've been watching a few films by my self. For some reason, I'm drawn to films about people who have some sort of mental illness. It's a desire, on my part, to understand this. I'm watching "Nobody's Child". It makes me really sad on one level and I really want to be hopeful about the main character's desire to get better. I guess I wish this for all the people who suffer from some sort of imbalance. It must be horrible to have something like this going on inside of us, yet look somewhat normal on the outside.

I just got a call from a loved one...ramblings and the same stuff that is part of someone who is not functioning. Unfortunately, it's abusive. I really wish there was a cure my loved one's illness. It really is frustrating.


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