I've got to walk these dogs

they are going crazy. I feel a bit antsy my self. Dad is back in the ER due to his tubes leaking from his kidneys. The doctor said he might always have to have the tubes. I'm sad and angry. I'm hopeful for the best but I don't know. My mom knows that my dad is in the advanced stages of prostate cancer. This isn't good. My dad is in total denial and won't even admit he has cancer. I hope the July 7th doctor meeting goes well. They seem to be into the natural medicines that my dad likes. Whatever brings him peace of mind, is what I say. And he is comfortable.

I talked to my mom and she is very concerned and tired. She's doing everything she can and I'm glad my siblings are there to help.

I'm trying to keep things in perspective and be grateful for all that I do have with my family. I guess it sort of hit me, just now, how very dark this all is. Thank goodness everyone who is being called upon to help, is helping. I know this is what makes things easier for my parents. It makes a lot of this somewhat bearable.

I'm very glad he is getting good care. I keep thinking about how things might have been if he wasn't getting good care. So scary. I'm sending a thank you the universe for all the good there is out there.


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